The Ahau Route

Our premier 7-day adventure lets you experience Mexican culture in the historic state of Jalisco, birthplace of the mariachi, ranchero music, tequila and more! Discover Guadalajara´s new boutique hotel “Casa Fayette” (an original home in the Lafayette neighborhood dating from the dawn of the 20th century). Visit Guadalajara´s historic district, dine in its finest restaurants and socialize with its people. Afterward, continue your adventure along the scenic Nayarit Highway, traveling to Hacienda el Carmen in Ahualulco del Mercado! Wander through the Hacienda´s colonial style corridors, visit the amazing spa, take photos in lush gardens and savor traditional Mexican food. Service is flawless! Finish this exciting tour with 3-days and nights at Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita. Jungle landscapes, tropical weather and exciting activities await you. This resort has just been awarded “The Best Beach Hotel in Mexico” by Food and Travel. Your private driver will make sure you arrive safely at all of your destinations. Remember Pakal32 honors you with an art piece as “Thanks” for being a cultured traveler!

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