Lorenzo and Alejandra met in Costa Alegre 15 years ago. Their families have long
vacationed there. For both, returning to visit those wonderful seashores and hotels
reminds them of their childhood.
Their friendship evokes shared feelings for special places on the coast, inland
at Haciendas, as well as in lesser-known Colonial towns.
In 2016 Lorenzo & Alejandra decided to share their love of authentic Mexican places
by creating a one-of-a-kind DMC (Destination Management Company) offered to sophisticated travelers world-wide.



    Alejandra is creator and CEO of a Mexican, contemporary art online store. This platform helps promote amazing designers and artisans from Mexico. Alejandra loves to promote her country in a progressive style, different from other venues. This is why she has decided to collaborate with Lorenzo, launching TravelPakal32 to the world!



    Lorenzo has vast experience in the travel industry. His Company was founded since the 90´s. His business has focused on outbound tourism to places like: Africa, South America, Europe and Oceania. Now Lorenzo is embarking on a receptive tourism experience in his country.